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Company Overview

UIS SCADA Service Lit
Services UIS Scada has to offer and customer feedback.
Experience and Skills
See how our work makes a difference. We are proud of our work and it pays off.
UIS Group of Companies Customer Locations
Here you can find our UIS Group of Companies Customer Locations.


CRUiSE: Control And/Or Monitor Securely & Easily From Anywhere.
Our four page CRUiSE product overview. Learn the specifics about the CRUiSE product.
ZUiS A: Affordable and Expandable RTU
ZUiS Product Specs.
ZUiS M: Motorola Advantage RTU
UIS will conduct on-site custom training designed by you.
JUiS: Compact RTU
JUiS Product Specs.


4 W's of Calibration 1-Day Seminar
The What, Who, When and Why of Calibration.
November 6th, 2019 8:00am - 3:00pm.
UIS Training: Basic Electricity
The two-day course recap on basic electricity concepts for those that are new to controls and motors.
UIS Training: Safe Electrical Troubleshooting
A course recap for troubleshooting devices. From understanding tothe main utility feed to the control pane power components.
UIS Training: NFPA 70E Awareness
This course covers the application of the NFPA 70E 2015 Standard and how it is used to identify and mitigate electrical hazards in the work place.
UIS Training: Motorola ACE 3600 & Radio
This course gives the student basic training on using and servicing the Motorola ACE 3600.
UIS Training: On-Site Custom Training
UIS will conduct on-site custom training designed by you.

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