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Emergency Troubleshooting

Call us day, night or weekends. Our more than 40 years of SCADA experience in a range of solutions gives us the unique ability to troubleshoot quickly.  The process can be local or remote when properly set up.  We have a fleet of trucks and online techs that are on standby 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.  No matter how small or large the emergency, UIS SCADA will respond.

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SCADA System

We are the number one SCADA System house in the Great Lakes Region serving Municipalities, Manufacturers, Landfill sites and Power Companies for over 40 years.  Our techs are trained in a wide range of SCADA software, Remote Terminal Unit Hardware, PLCs, radio and cell telemetry.  Our SCADA systems use the most reliable components and hence deliver the highest uptime in the industry.

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CRUiSE is a low cost subscription service that delivers powerful and professional SCADA software to even the smallest organization.  This SCADA service makes mechanical processes more reliable by giving operators and management secure, easy,  and powerful monitoring and/or control tools.  Once installed, all that is required is an internet enabled device.  Works with existing telemetry, HMIs and RTUs.

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Instrument Service & Calibration

UIS SCADA has serviced and calibrated instruments for over 40 years.  We are ISO/IEC 17025 Certified and are audited yearly.  Our techs have the highest level of Certification from EPRI and/or ISA.  We service and calibrate at municipalities, manufacturers, landfill sites, and power plants.

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Plant systems are increasingly complicated using PLCs, SCADA, telemetry, RTU, Switchgear, HMIs, the Internet, Radios, Cell Modems, etc…  Despite that, a plant operator is still expected to know how to respond SAFELY when trouble arises.  UIS SCADA has a wide range of training to help operators deal with even the most urgent emergency.  Courses cover basic electricity to PLC programming.

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