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UIS SCADA has been delivering powerful SCADA systems for over 40 years.  We are the NUMBER ONE SCADA center in the Great Lakes Region.

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We understand that Municipalities are under pressure to raise productivity, reduce operating and capital costs, and provide a growing list of reports both internally and externally.  One of the solutions to this pressure is implementing a modern and powerful SCADA system that incorporates many automated features.  UIS SCADA’s team of SCADA Engineers and Technicians will consult with you to define your end goal. We will review your existing system, help identify areas of productivity gains, develop a cyber-secure control system architecture including SCADA software and telemetry, implement, commission, and document the system. The final solution will deliver higher productivity, lower operating and capital costs, and automatically generate timely reports.

The most advanced line up of Remote Terminal Units that include:

For Maximum Power, Reliability and Cybersecurity
Motorola RTU, nothing is more secure
For Good Value and Reliability
Allen Bradley RTU
Compact battery powered RTU
Ayyeka Wavelet

Features of a UIS Scada System

  • The self-healing cyber secure telemetry network that uses digital data radios, and/or cell modems.
  • SCADA software engineers that use award winning software.
  • Powerful smart and easily understood voice alarm system that can call landlines, call and text cell phones, and email.
  • SCADA servers located at the head end, remotely in a cloud or both.
  • Access via smart phone, I-Pad, or any computer with Internet access.
  • Quality actionable reports that are sent automatically for the EPA/ DEQ, Facility Management, and Operations team such as Asset Management, Maintenance, energy, Alarm, and Trending reports.
  • Artificial Intelligence that looks for unusual patterns that help in predictive maintenance and alarms.
Award Winnging Software
PLC-5 Upgrades

For Other SCADA services

  • PLC programming upgrades
  • Radio Propagation Studies.
  • Custom Control Panel
  • SCADA software programming upgrades
  • Remote HMIs using industrial duty and weather proof Panels
  • Radio and Control Maintenance Programs
  • Migration from Cell Service to an ultra-secure Radio Network
  • Migration from PLC-5 to Compactlogix or Controllogix from Allen Bradley
  • Migration from a phone line to a Cell or Radio service
  • Migration from unreliable auto dialers to reliable and more powerful RTUs
Propagation Studies
Control Panels

Our SCADA Software Engineers Use Award Winning Software.

Access via smart phone, I-Pad, or any computer with Internet access

Head End SCADA System
CRUiSE - Cloud SCADA System

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